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Saturday, March 26, 2011


this is my fist knex thing that i posted. it is a gun that shoots small bullets. it shoots the bullets REALLY far and RAELLY hard. it is very powerful. after it shoots the bullet it spits out a SHELL TOO!
PS. please tell me what you think i should make next.
also...please comment on my posts.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

star wars

here is a star wars "droideka" i made. it can even fold up into a ball!

could u tell me the time?


halo gun

here is the gun that i gave to the halo guy in my last post. its pretty simple.


a lot of people love halo...iv never played it but i like the charectars in it, so i decided to make a lego halo charectar. its not the best, but i still like it. its also not the best picture of it unfortunatly.

nuthn' much

nuthn' much right now...but i already have some pictures that i will post later. also, just thought id let you know, that i have posted my stick man evolution on you tube now.
by the way, please comment on my creations AND give me suggestions on what i should build next.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


this is another stop motion i made. it is called "evolution: stick man" it is not lego.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

space police

here is a space police truck i made (mainly out of the lego city camper) it has a jail cell in the back and a small base inside.

oh well...

well im not sure how many people arer viewing my blog... actually i dont think anyone is fallowing but oh well. it helps me keep track of my creations. if anyone is following my blog please tell your freinds.

please commet on my creations.

i recently got the new technic motorbike for christmas. it is AWESOME! i highly recommend getting it. i made a BMX bike out of it. it includes a WORKING CHAIN!!! here it is

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


i figured out this really neat thing on our new movie maker. i know this video isn't lego, but i posted it anyway. p.s. the kid in this film is my brother. WATCH SODA MACHINE MASSACRE.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MORE stop motion

i'm seriously FLYiN' along on these stop motion movies. this is another soda machine movies. i like soda machines. the one i made is actually from power miners "LAVATRAZ" but i didn't ge it so i made my own. if u hav't seen SODA MACHINE MASSACRE yet then WATCH IT NOW!!!!.

more stop motion

here is my 2nd stop motion animation. if u havnt seen my first one u should check it out.
it's not as good as the fisrt on. i ACTUALY made this one first but it was mostly a test. it turned out pretty neat though. WATCH STOP MOTION "SODA MACHINE MASSACRE" (my last  stop motion posted)

mp3 player

i recently gaot a "sansa fuze" mp3 player.i decided to make one out of lego. i have already made on be fore...but i made a docking station for it this time. the pictures arn't so great, but it look REALLY cool in person...HAVE U WATCHED MY STOP MOTION?...NO?...WELL CHECK IT OUT!!!